Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The trials and tribulations of a jewelry artists at a craft show

This is a half funny / half sad account of a day at a craft show, as told by Jeannette from Peachcult.etsy.com
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Dear crazy craft show patrons…

I appreciate you, really, I do. I love my job and I love meeting all of you. It’s fun. But some of you rode to my booth on the crazy train. You stand there, surrounded by lots of people looking at jewelry, belt buckles and all the other little things that I worked so hard on. You look at what took me hours to make and sometimes years to learn to do. You flash big, 1000 watt smiles.And you ask if you can buy my tablecloths.My email list sign-up book. My necklace displays.My register.The river rocks my trays are piled on. You tell me God will appreciate it if I teach your church group to make things like mine. After all, the money you make selling stuff at this same craft fair will send your youth choir to Disneyland. You look around at all my Japanese inspired stuff and ask if I speak English. You want to come to my house to see my workroom. You ask if you have to be Catholic to attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta’s “Mass Accession”. You huff and puff, call my stuff crappy and ask for a discount. When I say no you storm out and send your mother/husband/child back to buy whatever it was you hated so much. You ask to purchase my cat.What can I do but smile sweetly, answer as nicely as possible, and hope that you have a pleasant train ride home?

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